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My problem was I didn’t know how to internalize it.  I always wanted a record so I could come back and internalize it later.  I wanted someone standing by, listening, and waiting to tell me that I had internalized it correctly, in genius fashion.  That they were impressed and I had done it right.


But no one was standing by.  No one was waiting to tell me my life was the cumulation of a genius’ mind.  Because, I guess, I needed to accept it wasn’t.  It was worthy, nonetheless, but genius was more than a stretch.  It had it’s moments, maybe not of genius, but of incredibility and it was interesting at times.


Things seemed to work out magically and I would hop from one adventure to the next without an ounce of worry.  We will cross that bridge when we get to it was my mantra.


But with all the adventures, what always interested me most were the boys.  The romances, whether real or in my mind.  They were what consumed me, made me crazy in the way I longed to be crazy.  They made me obsessive and reflective and analytical and took up so much of my time.  I didn’t like many men, but I loved when I found one to obsess over.  Status got me going, and charm and wit and intelligence and a sense of adventure, and then sometimes, tall dark and handsome would do it too.

Stone Cold Fox Alabama Gown 1024x680 Men and Adventure

Lolla Style!

Consideration was provided by DSW.

Well, we made it! We made it through another wonderful, crazy, and tiring Lollapalooza. A 3-days music festival in the city of Chicago.

FullSizeRender 4 1024x1024 Lolla Style!

This year, I wanted to keep my dressing simple. I recently colored my hair rainbow so I knew my clothing couldn’t be too crazy or I would be a mess and maybe even an optical illusion to the eye with way too much going on at once. Just a few colors in my clothing would be best I decided. Whites and blues. But then the shoes. What would be comfy for hours and hours on my feet, keep my toes out of danger in the mosh pits (just in case), and still look cool?

FullSizeRender 3 1024x884 Lolla Style!

Found ’em!

Ok, shoes are obviously the toughest to get right for festival season because they MUST be practical. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. If I’m doing it, I’m doing it right and my feet are definitely not hurting while I’m doing it. (Although, I did fail at my purse game. It was way too heavy and my friend, Malik, ended up carrying it most of the time. He’s got bigger muscles.) Other than that, I was pretty set, even in the heat we had!

IMG 6758 499x1024 Lolla Style!

Malik and I at Lollapalooza 2015

























At DSW, we believe in the power of shoes, and in the power of the shoe lovers. With thousands of fresh style for men, women and children, we’ve got something for everyone, no matter who they are or how they dress. Shoes say a lot about you. Say something great.

 Lolla Style!

Beat The Heat

Compensation provided by Sears Style.

Bikini season.  Some dread it, some revere it, but few are indifferent.  It has always seemed odd to me that during the summer, at the pool or beach, it is totally normal to basically walk around in your underwear. Not that I have anything against this – it’s just always seemed strange to me. Why am I supposed to care so much if a stranger accidently sees my bra or underwear and yet be totally unfazed by spending all day in a bikini during a select couple of months in the summer?

Sears Style Find 2 1024x682 Beat The Heat
Sears Style Find 3 1024x682 Beat The Heat Sears Style Find 4 1024x682 Beat The Heat SearsStyleFind 1 1024x682 Beat The Heat

For a long time though, this either dreaded or revered season showed no mercy. You were forced outside in your skivvies like that bad dream where your clothes fell off during 6th period english class. Until now. The one piece is back! And with a vengeance. It’s making the fashion statement it had been shamed into hiding since when, the 1950’s? And all I can say is, thank God.

I found this one at Sears. I love the color palette, but what really sold me was the back criss-crossing lace up detail. Plus, before the pool, I can throw on some shorts and wear it as a shirt. Pretty practical and I always like that.

The hottest trends, celebrity style and fashion tips you can afford to try. #SearsStyleFind

Photos by Daniel Korenevsky

Swimsuit: Bongo

searsStyle Logo Beat The Heat

Keep It Simple

Compensation was provided by Sears via Mode Media.

I’m a firm believe in the powers of wearing head to toe white year round – and in the summer it seems even more appropriate. I found this gem of a jumpsuit at Sears and have been pretty surprised by how cute some of the things there are. My favorite part of this jumpsuit is the elastic leg openings that can’t help but show off my shoes. Plus, that little detail gives the piece a super tailored look.

DSC05802 Filter 575x1024 Keep It Simple



Jumpsuits are statements in themselves, which is a reason I love them so much.  Because of that, I decided to keep it simple here with black shoes and a black bag to match the black details on the jumpsuit but not overpower the jumpsuit itself.  Basically, it’s a classy look for a very low cost and very high comfort level.  This is the type of jumpsuit that could go from a day at the office to a nice dinner effortlessly, while on the inside you feel like you’ve been wearing your pajamas all day.  Finding high comfort pieces that also look nice is a huge priority for me, as I tend to put comfort at a huge premium.  I want to feel good in what I’m wearing as well as look great.  Today, in my city, I feel like I don’t have to leave to be on vacation and I look great while enjoying this beautiful time of year in Chicago.

DSC05727 575x1024 Keep It Simple DSC05743 575x1024 Keep It SimpleDSC05744 Filter 575x1024 Keep It SimpleDSC05765 Cropped Filter 1024x823 Keep It Simple

The hottest trends, celebrity style and fashion tips you can afford to try. #SearsStyleFind


Jumpsuit: Metaphor, Shoes: Nicholas, Sunglasses: Wildfox

searsStyle Logo Keep It Simple


Summer is Upon Us!

Compensation was provided by Sears via Mode Media.

In Chicago spring usually feels like someone forgot to shut the freezer door and you are forced to stand right in front of it. At least you aren’t inside it anymore and that’s a huge relief. Now summer is upon us. What Chicagoans wait all year for – the humidity and street festivals and drinking on patios – all the glory that is summertime Chi.

Style really gets turned up a notch as well, but in a laid back sense.  Floppy hats and vintage tees tend to replace stilettos and faux fur coats.  Outfits that can easily transition from day to night – as I, at least, tend to like lunches that amid warm air and good conversation extend into late afternoon drinks which then extend into God knows what.

Casey picks originals 2 1024x682 Summer is Upon Us!

Casey picks originals 1 1024x682 Summer is Upon Us! Casey picks originals 4 682x1024 Summer is Upon Us!

Yesterday, I hit the park with a friend, grabbed some tacos after and then cabbed it downtown to meet some girlfriends for a drink.  This outfit served me well the whole time – no need to change mid day.

I recently discovered Metaphor – a Sears brand – and they have got some really cute and affordable summer things in stock now. They make my sweater I am wearing in these photos. You can check the line out here at

The hottest trends, celebrity style and fashion tips you can afford to try. #SearsStyleFind

Photos by Daniel Korenevsky

searsStyle Logo Summer is Upon Us!

Sweater: Metaphor


It’s a Rental


RTR May1 51 1024x682 Its a RentalRTR May1 41 682x1024 Its a Rental

RTR May1 12 682x1024 Its a RentalRTR May1 21 1024x682 Its a Rental

I rented my entire outfit for the Rent the Runway party (except the shoes) and couldn’t have been happier with the outcome.  The dress fit perfectly (they send you two sizes to help make sure this happens). And the accessories pulled the look together.  Personally, I find renting a dress more enticing than renting jewelry because I never like to rewear dresses but don’t mind rewearing jewelry. Anyway, the party was fab, and I’m so happy to welcome Rent the Runway to Chicago.

Photos by Daniel Korenevsky

Dress: Elizabeth and James, Clutch: Ela, Gold Cuffs: AV Max, Choker: Jules Smith

Rent the Runway now in Chicago!

Style – this word that connotes images of Audrey Hepburn, Jackie O, Jane Birkin, Bianca Jagger, and Kate Moss…at least this is who and what come to mind for me.  How I want to be remembered, as Bianca Jagger is, for her white jumpsuits and statement hats or Kate Moss and her scantily clad and daring dresses she used to don in the 1990’s (and how I am so glad, yet surprised I’m glad, the 1990’s are back).  However, we are limited in style for practical reasons. Money baby.

Who hasn’t said, “Well, if I had as much money as – fill in the blank – I would look that good too!”  I know I have always found budget limitations obnoxious when it comes to the way I would like to dress.  It is next to impossible to settle for the cheap material and poorly structured knock off, when in the real thing all the details shine. It gives a piece the je ne sais quoi that is the most important.

Well, your prayers have been answered – at least to a certain extent.  I cannot offer you an inflated bank account, but I can offer you one less reason to need one.  Rent The Runway.

Rent the Runway – if you haven’t heard – which I would guess most of you have – rents dresses and a certain amount of accessories (can we please petition for them to add shoes?!) to rent for a 4 or 8 day period.  Meaning you never have to wear the same dress twice ever again! The fashion gods do exist – this I am now sure!  I have used them multiple times and always been delighted with the experience.  Below is the outfit I most recently got from them.  Outfit details and full pictures up this weekend 😉

FullSizeRender 2 768x1024 Rent the Runway now in Chicago!


Anyway, if you want to check it out you can get $30 off with the code: RTRWONDER



Not So Mellow Yellow – The Spring Jacket

Spring has sprung! Well, only some days here in Chicago but in most of the country, the birds are chirping and the flowers are starting to bud.  I remember as a little girl loving this time of year.  I would go out to the front yard where the earliest blooming flowers were and get so excited in anticipation.  At that point, new spring jackets weren’t really on my radar.

But now…

I’ve decided to get the warm vibes going, regardless of whether Chicago wants to cooperate with me or not.  I have been feeling really boring lately and need to add some color into the only color palette I seem to be donning these days, black and denim.  So here is my Spring take:


Casey VinceCamuto March2015 051 682x1024 Not So Mellow Yellow   The Spring JacketCasey VinceCamuto March2015 002 902x1024 Not So Mellow Yellow   The Spring JacketCasey VinceCamuto March2015 027 1024x682 Not So Mellow Yellow   The Spring JacketCasey VinceCamuto March2015 031 780x1024 Not So Mellow Yellow   The Spring JacketCasey VinceCamuto March2015 049 682x1024 Not So Mellow Yellow   The Spring JacketCasey VinceCamuto March2015 029 2 1024x682 Not So Mellow Yellow   The Spring Jacket

Photos by Daniel Korenevsky

Jacket: Vince Camuto, Turtleneck: Kingsley, Shorts: Vintage, Boots: Steve Madden, Clutch: Clare V., Turquoise Ring: Gorjana

Tulum Photo Diary

Mexico, the country of tacos, margaritas, sombreros and a culture of which visitors rarely get a glimpse.  The all-inclusive resorts, although fun, basically just give me a sunburn and a week long hangover. But this time I ventured down to Tulum.  A place fabled for its fashion set and grass roof thatched huts.  It didn’t disappoint.

My nomadic heart always wants to venture into the unknown, go somewhere new and hopefully off the beaten path.  To repeat a destination seems sacrilegious before I have explored the whole globe.  But I allow myself the indulgence of a few places to return to without guilt because they feel like they personify part of my soul.  Paris, the French Rivera (I still wonder how I am not French.  I think I should have been), Bali if I ever make it back there, and now Tulum.

Tulum lacked the big resorts and all inclusive compounds that draw in the party crowd.  It also lacked creature comforts such as electricity and the luxury of being able to flush toilet paper. So leave your blow dryer at home I was instructed.  Not only did I do that, but I accidently forgot all of my make up as well. I was really going au naturale this trip.  And I have to say, it was nice.

If you go to Tulum, do NOT miss Posada Margarita.  We almost did, only stumbling upon it on our last day.  It was by far my favorite place.  I would love to stay in one of their 6 rooms if I return, but by hanging out during the day and again at dinner I still got my fix.

Posada Margarita:

IMG 4277 768x1024 Tulum Photo DiaryIMG 4272 768x1024 Tulum Photo Diary IMG 4309 768x1024 Tulum Photo Diary IMG 4310 768x1024 Tulum Photo DiaryIMG 4342 768x1024 Tulum Photo DiaryIMG 4311 1024x768 Tulum Photo Diary

These are all pictures I snapped during the afternoon strolling through Posada Margarita to grab some gelato after lunch. We also returned that night to have dinner because I was absolutely obsessed with this place.  It is owned by an Italian family, and reminded me so much of Sardinia, Italy – which is a super chic escape for the jet set during the summer.  Posada Margarita was buzzing.  We didn’t have reservations, but they had a great wine list, and we shared a bottle in the open air as we waited for our table.  The vibe was low key and fabulous and understatedly chic.  Basically, everything I love and wish I was.

Have some drinks at The Mezcal Monk: no menu – just tell him what you like and he will blend some combination of fresh fruit to perfection with a splash of liquor – or, the spicy margs are on point.

IMG 4344 1 768x1024 Tulum Photo DiaryIMG 4314 1024x1024 Tulum Photo DiaryIMG 4319 1024x893 Tulum Photo Diary Wandering far into town one night and to try some awesome tacos and tortas for $6 total for dinner for two. It was packed with locals.  Tulum is actually rather pricey but this place was away from the tourist draws and such a great deal.

Below is the house we rented through Airbnb.  Complete with its own private beach!
IMG 4333 768x1024 Tulum Photo DiaryIMG 4335 1024x1024 Tulum Photo Diary

Breakfast at La Luna next door to our house.

IMG 4398 1024x1024 Tulum Photo Diary